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What is the Budget Dashboard?

The Budget Dashboard allows explore historical government budget and performance information in the way you want. The dashboard produces a data table based on the categories (such as fiscal years, sectors or types of expenditure) you have chosen. You can select the budget categories you want to view, so the information displayed is presented in the way most useful to you.

The dashboard enables you to make quick and instant budget comparison between sectors (inter-sectoral) and within sectors (intra-sectoral), and across financial years. The dashboard includes budget information going back to 2003/04.

The Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development is working to further improve the dashboard by also including presentation of the data in an easy-to-interpret visualisations such as graphs and charts.

Where does the information come from?

The Uganda Budget Dashboard is uses data from the Output Budgeting Tool (OBT) which is used to produce all the budget reports on the website. It thus allows you  to organise the budget data shown in  these reports in the way that is most useful for you.