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What is the Your National Budget?

The Your National Budget displays budget information for national government agencies. It shows the outputs that each national government agency is planning to deliver, and the actual performance against those outputs. Importantly, you can also give feedback on how these outputs and services are being delivered and how funds are being spent, by commenting on each individual output.

The information that the tool uses is taken from Budget Performance Reports, which national government agencies produce every three months and provide to the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development.  The full Budget Performance Reports can be found in the Budget Library on this site under National Budget Performance, and those for specific sectors or spending agencies under Sectors.


What happens to my feedback?

When you make a comment on an output, the site will display your feedback next to the output and it will be available for everyone to see. Your comment will also be automatically forwarded to anyone who has subscribed to receive alerts for the relevant area or sector.

The Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development is working to ensure those responsible for the outputs (Commissioners, Directors and Permanent Secretaries) register to receive relevant updates and respond to your feedback.

Your feedback will also be used for budget monitoring by the Ministry of Finance’s Budget Monitoring Unit. It is also hoped that your feedback will inform broader government monitoring processes such as those conducted by the Office of Prime Minister.