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Ministry of finance planning and economic development
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Welcome to the Budget Library!

What is the Budget Library?

The Budget Library allows you to access important documents relating to the Ugandan budget at the national, sector and local government levels. This includes information on revenues, expenditures and performance; providing a comprehensive picture of how public finances are being managed in Uganda.  

These documents are produced by a range of government institutions throughout Uganda. They have been compiled into this easy-to-use, searchable library by the Budget Directorate in the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development.

The documents are broken down by financial year.  Simply choose a financial year from the Budget Library menu above to see all the documents for that year.


Can I give feedback on documents in the Budget Library?

You can give feedback on individual documents via email and, you can give feedback on budgets and performance at the project level at the national, sectoral and local levels; as well as on services in your local area.  

When giving feedback, it is useful for you to reference the title of the document that you got your information from.