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Spending Agency Budgets and Performance

In this section you can access key documents relating to the preparation and implementation of the budget. These reports set out Spending Agency plans and performance, at the national and local level. They are very important for holding spending agencies to account.

A range of documents are available for you to download, including Spending Agency Budget Estimates, which set out the detailed expenditure plans; and  Quarterly Budget Performance Reports, which set out spending agencies performance in implement their workplans.

Individual Spending Agencies are responsible for preparing their own budget documents and performance reports, which are reviewed by the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development and the line ministries. These are used as the basis of monitoring performance.

Select spending agency under the sector
Document Type Sector Spending Agency Financial Year Period Download
Draft Budget Estimates Public Administration State House 2018/19 PDF icon 2018-2019_DraftBudgetEstimates_Vote_002_StateHouse_3_28_201810_58_01AM.pdf
Draft Budget Estimates Public Sector Management Office of the Prime Minister 2018/19 PDF icon 2018-2019_DraftBudgetEstimates_Vote_003_OfficeofthePrimeMinister_3_28_201810_06_34AM.pdf
Draft Budget Estimates Security Ministry of Defence 2018/19 PDF icon 2018-2019_DraftBudgetEstimates_Vote_004_MinistryofDefence_3_28_20186_19_47PM.pdf
Draft Budget Estimates Public Sector Management Ministry of Public Service 2018/19 PDF icon 2018-2019_DraftBudgetEstimates_Vote_005_MinistryofPublicService_3_22_20188_54_48PM.pdf
Draft Budget Estimates Public Administration Ministry of Foreign Affairs 2018/19 PDF icon 2018-2019_DraftBudgetEstimates_Vote_006_MinistryofForeignAffairs_3_22_20181_05_24PM.pdf
Draft Budget Estimates Justice, Law and Order Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs 2018/19 PDF icon 2018-2019_DraftBudgetEstimates_Vote_007_MinistryofJusticeandConstitutionalAffairs_3_28_20185_41_12PM.pdf
Draft Budget Estimates Accountability Ministry of Finance, Planning & Economic Dev. 2018/19 PDF icon 2018-2019_DraftBudgetEstimates_Vote_008_MinistryofFinance_Planning_EconomicDev_3_28_20186_34_23PM.pdf
Draft Budget Estimates Justice, Law and Order Ministry of Internal Affairs 2018/19 PDF icon 2018-2019_DraftBudgetEstimates_Vote_009_MinistryofInternalAffairs_3_27_20181_56_20PM.pdf
Draft Budget Estimates Agriculture Ministry of Agriculture, Animal & Fisheries 2018/19 PDF icon 2018-2019_DraftBudgetEstimates_Vote_010_MinistryofAgriculture_Animal_Fisheries_3_23_20182_47_19PM.pdf
Draft Budget Estimates Public Sector Management Ministry of Local Government 2018/19 PDF icon 2018-2019_DraftBudgetEstimates_Vote_011_MinistryofLocalGovernment_3_28_20188_28_29PM.pdf