Posted by: Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development - On 2016-03-10 06:03:40

  Indicative Planning Figures and supporting materials have been distributed to local governments for 2016/17.  The IPS are available to view at  The supporting materials are available to download at Government is in the process of reforming fiscal transfers.   The main changes for 2016/17 include:   The consolidation of discretionary as well as sectoral grants to local government to provide greater discretion to local governments to budget in line with their priorities. Revisions to the allocation formulae for grants to increase the equity of allocations to local governments. Establishment of budget requirements to ensure that sector policy priorities are implemented, whilst providing discretion to LGs to deliver services in line with local needs and priorities.  Establishment of accountability requirements based on the provisions of the PFMAA (2015) and the provisions of the performance contracts of Accounting officers for 2015/16. It is important that accounting officers follow the guidelines and adhere to budget and accountability requirements.  An independent assessment of compliance will take place and the results of this assessment will be used by the PS/ST when deciding on the appointment of Accounting Officers and Signing of Performance Contracts.   The materials which have been prepared to facilitate LGs in the prepration of  workplans, detailed budget estimates and Performance Contracts iin line with the reforms nclude: A Table of IPFs in the new consolidated structure of grants. A supporting Schedule to the IPFs, with allocations to Lower Local Governments under the Unconditional Grant and the DDEG; Overall Budgeting Guidelines to facilitate the preparation of BFPs and Local Government Budgets Sector Grant and Budget Guidelines which set out the purpose and structure of grants in a sector; the allocation formulae and budget requirements which must be complied with.  The guidelines include Budget Requirements Assessment and Compliance Tables which set out how LGs can comply and how they will be assessed.     Lists of Health Facilities, Schools and Lower Local Governments which must be completed and validated and submitted by Accounting Officers   Accountability Requirements based on the PFMAA (2014) and Accounting Officers’ Performance Contracts for 2015/16 

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