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Use this tool to understand and explore your Local Government budget.  Click Budget Dashboard for even more information! 

Use this tool to understand and explore your Local Government budget.  Click Budget Dashboard for even more information! 

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In Kira Town Council, we have been having an issue of an access road from Kasangati to Kira, rumor has it that this road is supposed to be turmaced but in vain, so many people use this road but i wonder why we still have such roads in towns, its so absurd to not get value for our taxes. There are schools along this road e.g Green-hill Academy but these children are always down with flu and cough because of too much dust. Kindly allocate funds for this road.

The people of Uganda need a tax relief just like the foreign investors. The foreign investors create employment , infrastructure & taxes. The people of Uganda need money to buy goods and services. At the moment people dont have money to spend. I suggest that our threshold be increased gradually so as to enable people to buy. This is a win win situation because government will be getting more taxes and the people will be happier. Stephen Mugasa Fort Portal

Unable to find/access the Electronic copy of the Approved NBFP for FY 2019/2020 on both Websites:; and mentioned in the Second Budget Call Circular on Finalization of Budget Estimates and MPS for FY 2019/2020.

Hello colleague! Here is the procedure to finding of some documents on this website Step 1 -open the website dash board step 2 -Go to budget library click on it and choose FY 2019/20 step 3 -Go to national Budget documents. you will find NBFP FY 2019-20 Thank you

We, residual salary arrears claimants of Nwoya DLG have not been paid from the time funds for the same were released in October 2018. I (we) require answers to the following questions: 1. With all the instructions in the circulars released by the MoFPED about residual salary arrears why has Nwoya DLG not effected payment? 2. If it is true, as alleged by some district officials that they do not have the list of claimants to pay, how can MoFPED release UGX 215 million without having a list of people to be cleared using that amount of money? How was that figure arrived at? 3. Why hasn’t MoFPED stuck to the circular dated 12 December 2018 that warned MDAs that received money for clearing residual salary arrears and had not effected payment to the effect that their activities for Q3 will be frozen on the IFMS until they make payments to residual salary arrears claimants? 4. When are we, residual salary arrears claimants of Nwoya DLG going to be paid, and I also do propose the following: 1. that interest should be charged on residual or any salary arrears from the time it is due until when it is paid in full to factor in the loss in value of money. 2. Officials responsible for this delay in payments should be made to account. This is because service delivery is grossly affected in the process.

I thank MoFPED for the Circular dated 21st March 2019 headlined "Payment of verified salary, pension and gratuity arrears in FY 2018/19". This has led to payment of some of the claimants. However, some claimants are not on the released list of verified claimants. According to the PHRO those of us whose names are missing on the forwarded list 'are many'. However, we cannot tell why we are missing on the list. It would be fair to other claimants if a public list of claimants of residual salary arrears with some missing documentation could be released to facilitate timely correction of any anomalies by the claimants. We will be very grateful for the positive gesture. For God and my Country Uganda

An analysis of your circular dated 21/03/2019 referenced: "Payment of verified salary, pension and gratuity arrears in FY 2018/19", 72 new claimants names were included in the released list for Nwoya District. Many of these claims are from 2015, 2016 and 2017. However, the names of 17 persons who signed the first list of residual salary arrears claimants on 27/6/2016 and 28/6/2016 are missing. What could be the cause of the missing names? If there is a problem with the missing names, what are those problems? If those names are not publicly released how will the 17 persons and perhaps many more others know the issues hampering clearance of their verified claims? Can the responsible persons in the ministry act? Selective payments, without providing reasons as to why other names are missing and not providing solutions leads to elevated levels of frustration and decreased motivation.

The government of uganda through its surveyors should patrol the rural roads of Nyarusiza~ Kisoro District And Also in the same way try to curbdown the issues of water scarcity in NYARUSIZA

the sazza road access to iganga district head quaters is still a problem experienced by residents of iganga i wish if the govt this times saves the people who use this road because its in poor conditions business men in iganga have put there local leaders on preasure especially the town mayor whom they blame for having let there town down and he is accountable of the empty promises over this sazza road


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